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Manufacturing Apprenticeships

We Have a Once-in-a-Generation Opportunity to Fix Our Labor Market

For the first time since 2000, the U.S. has more job openings — 7 million — than there are unemployed individuals to fill them. Read about how this challenge goes deeper than connecting employers and job seekers in this article from the Washington Post

"We are experiencing a skills scarcity that is a defining feature of today's economy and a major obstacle for many U.S. companies. The irony is that, while companies are scrambling for qualified employees, an estimated 3.5 million prime working-age Americans are not even searching for employment. This affects every industry, undermines the efficiency of our labor market and traps millions of workers in low-skill, low-wage occupations." 

As part of an effort to expand manufacturing apprenticeships in Massachusetts, MassMEP and the Northeast Advanced Manufacturing Consortium are actively working with manufacturers to enroll and fund new hires and existing workers into registered apprenticeship training programs. There may be funding available to help subsidize related classroom instruction (up to $5,000 per participant) and a new tax credit (up to $4,800 per apprentice). Contact Leslie Parady at 508-831-7020 or Brian Norris at 978-722-7087 for more information.

We Have a Once-in-a-Generation Opportunity to Fix Our Labor Market

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