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Connecting Theory to Practice in Manufacturing

By Kathie Mahoney, Center Director, MassMEP

Kathie Mahoney, Center Director, MassMEPMassMEP matched students from the University of Massachusetts - Isenberg Consulting Team to a real-time case study created by BETE Fog Nozzle, Inc., located in Greenfield, MA. Established in 1950, BETE engineers and manufactures innovative spray nozzles, fabrications, and systems used in deep-sea, deep-space, and everywhere in between. When BETE contacted MassMEP about a pricing strategy analysis, Karen Carswell, project manager at MassMEP, saw potential. She knew this would be a win-win project for students seeking manufacturing experience during their recent winter break – and for BETE seeking an outside view of their collected data.

The team, made up of three students, included Aman Singh, Isenberg MBA '20, Sean D'Angelo, Isenberg MBA '20, and Brian McCarthy, Isenberg MBA '19. The team used tools like Tableau and Excel to design a flexible product analysis tool looking at variables, such as: set up time, run time, job quantity, and price to prioritize improvement initiatives that will result in improved margins.

"For me, this project with MassMEP was a great opportunity to put theory into practice," said D'Angelo. "As someone who came to the manufacturing scene from a non-engineering, non-operations background, it was gratifying to see how easily the skills we picked up at Isenberg transfer and had some measurable impact in the community."

Tom Fitch, President of BETE and fellow Isenberg MBA 2002 graduate, said, "I always enjoy giving opportunities to students to learn from their community and vice-versa. MassMEP has always brought in excellent resources for any requests made and I look forward to their continued support as a trusted advisor."

MassMEP and BETE Fog Nozzle have collaborated on two research projects over the last several years that have provided valuable information for strategic business decisions.

MassMEP and BETE Fog Nozzle
Left to right: Aman Singh, Sean D'Angelo, and Brian McCarthy.

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